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Are you interested in Law Enforcement?

The Explorer Program provides insight into a career in Law Enforcement and Explorers are taught by active Law Enforcement Officers. Some topics taught are: 

- How to search buildings

- Responding to traffic crashes

- Conducting a traffic stop

- Interviewing and interacting with the public

- Investigation domestic violence

- Leadership development

- Learning about Law and the judicial process

- And More...

Your local Police Department, Sheriff's Office, or State Police Post may have an Explorer Program. 


  • Be at least 14 years old and entering 9th grade

  • May not be older than 21 years old

  • Have no felony convictions

  • Be of good moral character

  • Must be attending high school or college

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA

Some Explorer Posts may have additional requirements. Check with your local Law Enforcement Agency for more information. 

Explorers on graduation day at the Michigan Law Enforcement Youth Training Acadmey
Explorers during their formal inspection at the Michigan Law Enforcement Youth Training Acadmey

Find an Explorer Post today

The Explorer program affects me positively because everyone there pushes me to the fullest. It also taught me the values of teamwork and dedicatio

Former Explorer and current Police Officer, Sara Nguyen

The Explorer post prepared me for Law Enforcement, by exposing me to many different aspects of the career that most people don't get to see.

Former Explorer and current Police Officer, Joey Esparza

Our role is to give Explorers meaningful insight into what it means to be a police officer


Lt. Maureen O'Brien

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